Spoiled at Belknap Hot Springs

Fourteen years ago, we discovered Belknap Hot Springs after a long day of riding on our cross country bike trip.   It offered just the right pampering relief from riding as it did this summer after three “single” nights of camping, something that we try to do only a few times, as it wears on us when traveling with a camper.  Belknap offers Lodge rooms and cabin/cottage rentals, and of course, a beautiful campground.

We were excited to pass through Sisters, OR on our way down from Crater Lake too.  Also one of our favorite spots on our bike trip, we enjoyed introducing the kids to it this time.  We even managed to find the deli and quilt shop we have been dreaming of ever since biking through!

The hot springs were just what we all needed.  The smiles on the kids faces say it all!

The kids love taking a bedtime stroll through the “secret garden” they like to show us.

It was awesome to catch up with our old high school friend, Kelly, who has since moved to Eugene.  We were so thankful she made the trip up to Belknap to spend the day with us!

We had the best campsite, and the kids loved relaxing (or wrestling) in the hammocks.

No matter how many times we take the walk over the river through the amazing gardens, we never get enough.

Here’s the source of the springs, prompting us to dip our feet along the river looking for a secret hot spot.



This magical place holds a special place in our heart, as well as for the kids.  The couldn’t wait to come back – it was amazing to see them navigate the trails like they had been on them yesterday, despite the fact that it has been two years.  Maybe the minecraft model they created back then has something to do with that!



It was great to have my mom along too.  In fact, she was the one who discovered this place on our bike trip for us!

Grandma even treated the kids out for ice cream, and they loved choosing their own kind.



Laney had a blast playing with this baby chipmunk along the way back to our campsite.

On the way out, we loved stopping at the Vida Cafe for burgers and pie!

I think the kids would have stayed here for weeks!  It’s so fun for us to see the joy they share with each other! (For now, at least) 😉


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