Playtime in Page

The first time friends Jim and Susan asked us to meet them in Page, Arizona, we thought, “why?  What’s there?”  After that visit 5 years ago, we couldn’t wait to come back for more.  Aside from visiting Antelope Canyon and Wire Pass, we were excited to spend more time at the national recreation area and in Page.

Lake Powell is amazing, and seeing how the river has carved out the area is unbelievable.  Horseshoe Bend is just out of town, and a short 1/2 mile walk.  The views are just incredible.  Of course we had to attempt recreating a picture taken there 5 years ago.

The dam visitor center is another great spot, and a perfect way to learn more about the area.

The Wahweap Campground is right on Lake Powell, with great views and access to the lake.  The campground is in the sand, with a fun beach atmosphere.  Thankfully, they have electric and non-electric sites.  We were grateful for electric this time with the warm temperatures.

The lake is within walking distance, and although cold, the kids loved taking a dip after each day in the heat.


Page, we will be back again!

Travel dates: 6/16-6/18

Additional photo credits:  Jill Heikkila and Kim Hoff

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