A Breath of Fresh Air on the North Rim (GCNP)

The most anticipated part of the summer had finally arrived.  After over a year of planning, we were finally at the Grand Canyon, about to start a never experienced journey.  The logistics – 2 nights on the north rim, 2 nights on the bottom, crossing over to the south rim, ending with 2 nights there.  Our camper was parked on the north rim, with Mom and Marilyn holding down the fort.  World travelers Kimmy and Ben wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so they spent a night with us before heading back to the Midwest.  My cousins, the Mattsons, and their kids left one night in… the Hamiltons and us would be meeting them on the bottom at Phantom Ranch one day later.

The north rim is a throwback to old-time national parks- herds of buffalo driving in, the campground right on the rim of the Grand Canyon, no crowds, a beautiful lodge, and a laid back picture perfect camp store.

Upon arriving, we were so excited to be at a higher elevation with cool temperatures and shady campsites.  The kids set up a little hammock land and helped Grandma with her tent.

The trees were gigantic, and we were excited to relax before embarking on our biggest camping challenge ever.



We said our goodbyes to Kimmy and Ben with a  secluded sunset over the Grand Canyon.  Amazing!


The Mattsons began their hike down into the canyon, and would spend the first night at Cottonwood while we prepared for our hike down the next morning.

Mom was able to sit back and relax while the rest of us anticipated the big day.  She and Marilyn had hiked down several years prior, so we were excited to hear their stories.

The kids were able to add the North Rim Grand Canyon junior ranger badges to their collection.

We enjoyed the overlook trails at the north rim, and were amazed with the view of the North Kaibab trail we would be taking the next day.

The rangers here were amazing, and we loved learning more about California condors and the differences between them and turkey vultures.  Little did we know that the white part of their wings were on the top instead of the bottom like turkey vultures.

Our big day had finally arrived, and we were all soooo excited to experience the entire Grand Canyon by foot (travel dates 6/21-6/23)!

Additional photo credits to the Hamiltons, the Mattsons, and Kim Strever

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