One More Time Through Williams

As we left Havasupai and the furthest point on our trip, we were ready to start heading east very slowly. It was the fourth of July, so we decided to spend our last night with Dave and Jess in the quaint town of Williams, the gateway to the Grand Canyon. We have taken the Grand Canyon Railway to the Grand Canyon from Williams, and the kids loved the music and train robbery on the way. This time, we decided to spend the night at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park and Hotel, which accommodated us well with our laundry and shower needs, as well as Dave and Jess with a good night of rest in the nice hotel before their plane trip home. We found a great restaurant for dinner before the 4th of July parade, as well as some zip lining through town. It is quite the town!

The fire danger was so high, there would be no fireworks anywhere nearby, which is often the norm on our travels, but the yummy restaurant, parade, and zip lining more than made up for it.

One of the benefits of staying in this Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is the use of the beautiful hotel pool and hot tub, which the kids loved.

The next morning, we headed over to the town shoot out. Ellie was so proud to be taller than the resident midget.

Since we didn’t get to spend much time on the south rim due to our car issues, we headed straight north from Williams to say our goodbyes. It was a great afternoon in the park!

The big boys and Chuck decided to take a run on the village trails while Gav, the girls, and I headed west along the rim trail to get our last views of this amazing place. We even managed to come across a resident elk on the way.

Ironically, we ate dinner at the pullout where our car had died, this time with no stress. Having a camper makes a dinner stop so easy, and we had an amazing sunset view before we continued on our way.

As we left the Grand Canyon once again, we realized what a successful trip it had been. The kids asked when we could go rim to rim to rim, which we absolutely loved! (travel dates 7/4-7/5/18)

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