Chuck is the driving force behind Team Hoff, always using his child-like imagination and looking for more fun.  Wherever he goes, he is the life of the party.  Chuck loves teaching art, running with friends and his boys, and pushing life to the limits.


Suzy is the master organizer who keeps the pack moving in lots of different directions.  She loves to be with her family, spends any extra time outside exercising, plans vacations, and tutors high school math.  She loves taking pictures in an effort to freeze all the moments she never wants to forget.


Ethan is a smart, kind, and cheerful guy who fits the oldest brother spot like no other.  He loves to hike, run, travel, and play music on his saxophone or any other instrument that makes it his way.  Ethan says, “I love doing anything wild and crazy that seems like it would be impossible.”


Braden is a kind, loving boy who tries his best in all he does.  Braden says, “I play soccer and sometimes I do swimming .  My family and I love going on vacation.  My mom and dad take us many miles away from home.  Our family lives next to our own forest and in a log cabin.  Our house is awesome because we have a rock climbing wall, a tree house, and many more things.”


Gavin is the sunshine of our lives, always happy and ready to spread joy to anybody who crosses his path.  He is the true middle, hanging tough with the big boys… as well as being the hero to his two little sisters.  Gav loves to play legos, go outside, make anything artistic, and loves to just be with the whole family.


Laney is a spunky, one of a kind girl who sees humor in all of her days.  She has a mind of her own and sees everything that surrounds her.  This girl can hike further than any little one we have seen, and can do anything she wants in life.


Ellie is as sweet as a little girl can be, always aiming to please, with an outlook she shares with the family daily, “today is a beautiful day.”  She sings, dances, and plays her way through life.