Amazing Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon has been on our list for a few years now, so we finally splurged on the $40/adult and $20/child over 6 ticket price while the girls are still free.  It was truly amazing!  We did lower Antelope Canyon with Ken’s Tours, although there are other outfitters also.  After visiting other remote slot canyons like Wire Pass,  it felt more like an art museum than an outdoor experience.  Water has done amazing things in Antelope Canyon.  So many photos were taken – Kimmy ended up with 500 pictures in the short one hour tour!

Ethan thought it was interesting that Native Americans hid in it when settlers came.  Gavin couldn’t imagine what it was like when flash floods came through and knocked out the stairs.  Braden said it was one of his favorite parts of the trip and felt like a different planet.




The tour guide was excellent and showed us many of the canyon highlights including Bruce the shark.







It’s amazing how much these rocks look like the woman with her hair in the wind after years of carving.



The kids loved the skylight view of the seahorse.


Here’s a great view of the “Rocky Mountains.”





Of course, here’s the belly button of the canyon.

Antelope Canyon, you did not disappoint!

Travel date: 6/16

Additional photo credits: Jill Heikkila and Kim Hoff

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