We Just Don’t Belong…in Seattle

Our vacations usually revolve around staying as remote as possible, so it’s no surprise that when we venture into the city, we just don’t fit in.  We find ourselves simply watching the masses as they stand in line for the ferris wheel or wait outside popular restaurants amidst a cloud of smoke.  It’s one of those times when we just don’t think we are anything like the rest of America.  Perhaps we are strangers to the majority.  Maybe it’s the fact that there are 7 of us, and we just can’t justify most of these expenses on a 2 month vacation, but as hard as we try, we just can’t seem to find our place amongst the hustle and bustle.  Alas, you just can’t travel all the way to Washington state, and skip going to Seattle.  So… as we left the Cascades, we headed back to the coast to spend one night at one of our busiest stops (travel dates 7/21-7/22/17).

We found an RV park on the outskirts of Seattle called Lake Pleasant RV Park, which served our needs well, complete with laundry, showers, grocery stores, and even a Starbucks with the best wifi we had seen all summer.

As soon as we got set up and ate a quick lunch, we headed into the city.  We left our car near Olympic Park, and headed up along the waterfront.

Braden was excited to get some pictures with popular Seattle destinations like the Space Needle, and one of the highlights was getting to see the giant ferry terminal.  What a fun way to get around!

Of course, we had to bring everyone over to Pike’s Market to see the infamous fish throwing.

We decided to enjoy our last fish and chips of the trip here, but were kind of disappointed with the lack of spots to sit and eat.

We ventured down below the market to check out the gum wall.  I think our kids were thoroughly disgusted, but cooperated with a few questionable photo shots.


The last time we had been to Seattle was in 2001, and the Starbucks pig was still there this time.  While we are not frequent Starbucks visitors, it was neat to see the original shop that started it all.

On the way back, we headed over to the Space Needle only to discover that admission was once again out of our price range.

However, the Artists at Play Playground kept our kids entertained for quite awhile!  We love to take advantage of free spots like this!  It reminded us of Millennium Park back home.






Heading back to the car, we ran into the creepy clown car once again… we are still not sure what they were up to, but several Hoffs have a fear of clowns like these guys!

On the way back, we checked out the Fremont Troll, which may have been our favorite Seattle attraction.  Who decides to build a giant troll under a bridge, anyway?!

The small patches of grass back at the RV park were a welcomed sight, and we couldn’t wait to head off to one of the most anticipated parts of our trip next!

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